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Establishment of the Emirate

      Emirate of Abdelkader

             1832 – 1847

Capital: Mascara
Languages: Arabic & Berber
Religion: Islam
Government: Shura Council
Currency: Mohammadia, Nisfia & Douro 

Moto "victory from Allah and conquest is soon”.

The Emir took advantage from his previous experience which he gained from his journey to the Arab world especially during his stay in Egypt, he was interested in the administration of Mohammed Ali Pasha.

Creation of Shura Council

The Emir was keen to bring in scholars and jurists in order to create a powerful Shura Council which was like a Parliament at that time, the Shura Council was consisted of 12 senior scholars and jurists they are:

Ahmed Ben Al-Tahami
Abdelkader Ben Rakosh
Abdullah Saqqat Al-Mashrafi
Taher Al-Mahfoudi
Mohammed Al-Mahfoudi
Ahmed Ben Taher Al-Mashrafi
Mohammed Ben Mokhtar Al-Wargey
Maki Al-Makhroubi
Mokhtar Ben Maki
Hajj Abdelkader Ben Rakosh
Ibrahim Ben Qaddi
Ahmad Ben Hashemi Al-Marhi

The Emir has assigned the presidency of the Shura Council to the Supreme Judge Ahmad Ben Hashemi Al-Marhi where he had book so will record all issues then address them to the Council then the decisions are made by the agreement  of all members of the council.

Ministers of the Emirate 
Minister of Internal Affairs: Mohammed Ben Sayed El Arabi
Minister of War: Mohammed Ben Jelani
Minister of Economy (Public Sector): El Haj Ben Abi Abdellah
Minister of Economy (Private Sector): Abou Sayed Mohammed Ben Fakha
Minister of Religious Affair: El Haj Taher Abou Zayed

Minister of Tax and Zakat: Abou Mohammed Jelani Al Alawi

Like every state it must have a unique flag and emblem which differs them from others Emir Abdelkader choose the flag to be made of flax and silk, the top and bottom of the flag are in green and white in the middle also it has a symbol of a hand with writings in gold saying” Nasir Al-Din Emir Adbelkader Ben Muhieddine and victory from Allah and conquest is soon”.

Image Above (Flag of the emirate)

The emblem of the state is in a hexagram shape, there are writings in the sides of the shape which are: Allah, Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him), Abu Bakr, Omar, Othman and Ali. In the middle of the star it says Nasir Al-Din Emir Adbelkader Ben Muhieddine.

Image Above (Emblem of the emirate)

Provinces of the Emirate

After the establishment of the emirate, Emir Abdelkader has divided his emirate into administrative provinces to facilitate the management and ease the burden on the central government.

Mascara Province
Capital: Mascara
Governor: Ahmed Ben Al-Tahami

Tlemcen Province
Capital: Tlemcen
Governor: Mohammed Bouhamedi

Miliana Province
Capital: Miliana
Governor: Muhieddine Ben Alal Al-Qaleyi

 Titteri Province  
Capital: Médéa
Governor: Mohammed Barkani

Medjana Province
Capital: Setif
Governor: Mohammed Ben Abdelsalam Al-Maqdani

Ziban Province
Capital: Biskara
Governor: Ferhat Bern Saeed

Jibal Province
Capital: Bouira
Governor: Ahmed Ben Salem

Sahara Province
Capital: Laghouat
Governor: Gadour Ben Abdelbaqi

Each Province was divided into districts then it divides to a group of tribes, the head of a district is called Agha and the Sheikh was the head of the group of tribes. 

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